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  • Attacks - There are two main attacks as well as a "counter-attack". One attack is that the Abyss will sink into the ground before reappearing elsewhere, jumping high into the air and swinging his scythe to shoot a flame projectile at you. On the ground they can also swing their scythe and shoot a flame projectile. But perhaps their most cunning ability is that if you knock them down, they can often quickly leap back up to their feet and leap towards you and slash with their scythe.
  • Dangers - Their ability to sink into the ground and appear elsewhere to attack can catch you off guard as well as their counter-attack ability. They're also tough to kill, even with Cerbrus.
  • Weaknesses - They are weak to Cerebrus. When they're walking around they're also fairly slow, but apart from that they have no other real weakness. Their attack where they pop out of the ground is virtually useless if you keep on the move as well.
  • DMD Notes Apart from having more health and doing more damage, there's not much drastically different about these guys in DMD mode.

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