Argosax The Chaos

Dante standing in front of the blob known as Argosax the Chaos

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Difficulty: Very Hard

Strategy: This is all the combined bosses in the game combined into one big blob, but has all of the previous bosses moves. Surprisingly you also see a boss that wasn't in the game but was in Devil May Cry 1, Griffon, appearing. This battle is very difficult. But using the basic strategies from before you can defeat Argosax the Chaos. Attack when they are not attacking you, and destroy each boss first. With the previous boss battles, avoid their attacks and you will win. I usually used my firearms to do most of the damage, I rarely went with the swords, as the closer you are the more likely you are going to be hit. Griffon is the only new boss, and he is the hardest out of all of them. Although he only uses the Electrical Lasers, they are very fast, and numerous, as they are used horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Make sure you dodge those while you attack Griffon.

Moves (The same moves as all of the bosses during the game)


  • BALLS OF ENERGY: He blows big balls of energy toward you, which can cause a lot of damage. Dodge left or right to avoid these.
  • DOWNWARD SMASH: If you are close to him he will take his arm and try to smash you. Just move left or right to make sure this doesn't hit you.


  • TENTACLES: She uses her tentacles to try and hit you. Just stay far away and keep attacking the tentacles to easily destroy this section of Argosax.


  • FIRE PILLARS: Phantom summons his 5 fire pillars that follow you. Just run in one direction until it stops. If you try to turn around you will get hit by the fire pillars.
  • FIREBALL: Phantom spits a fireball at you, dodge left or right to avoid this.


  • DOWNWARD STRIKE: If you are close by, he will do a downward strike with his hammer. Dodge left or right to make sure you don't get hit by it.
  • FLAME THROWER: Furiataurus blows a large flame toward you. Dodge left or right to avoid it.


  • SCATTERED BEAMS: Nefasturris does his same scattered beam attack. Usually if you stand still you won't get hit.
  • ENERGY BEAM: He sends a beam of energy out of his mouth. Just usually double jump over it to avoid it.


  • ELECTRICAL LASERS: Come in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. To dodge vertical, move left or right, horizontal, jump over it if it is low, or roll if it is high. Diagonal uses a combination of both, making sure that you do not come in contact with the lasers.
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