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[edit] First Encounter

Difficulty: Medium

Strategy: Ignore all of the minions here. Go directly for Arius. The minions are just diversions to protect Arius. Just go close to him, and continue to slash away at him. Don’t bother using your firearms because they would most likely be diverged to one of his minions. Just find Arius, and slash away. He will be able to teleport to different locations, so always find his location, and take notice of it. He only teleports to certain locations, so pay attention to the locations that he goes to. He may be sitting or standing up. You won’t be able to fully damage him, as a cutscene comes on right before he dies.


  • TELEPORT: Arius uses this ability where he goes through a black hole and teleports elsewhere in the room. If you step into that black hole, you get sucked in and spit right back out, losing some of your health.
  • SPIKES: Arius summons a black hole, with spikes coming out of causing damage. Just stay away from the black holes.
  • PISTOL: When Arius is sitting down on a desk, he will take out his pistol, and shoot it at you. Just dodge the bullets.

[edit] Second Encounter

Difficulty: Medium

Strategy: Same as Arius 1, except that now Arius is with secretaries making things a little more difficult. The secretaries can give you hell, but if you can kill Arius quick enough, it makes things a lot easier.

[edit] Possessed Arius

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Strategy: Just avoid all of his attacks, and then slash away at Arius to destroy him. Best shot to attack him, is after Arius does one of his attacks, he will pause for a little bit giving you your shot to attack him. The lasers give Arius a weak point, his back where you should attack to give a great deal of damage to him. Moves: JUMP: He jumps and tries to land on you. Just move left or right to avoid it.


  • CHARGE: He charges at you, and damages you as he hits you. Just dodge left or right to avoid it.
  • ENERGY BALLS: Arius cast these balls that follow you around and damage you as you attack them. Just try and avoid them by moving around and dodging them until they disappear.
  • VITALITY SUCK: His chest opens up, and he runs and sticks you in his chest, and sucks your life for his own. Try to dodge this attack. If you get caught, press random buttons quickly to try and get released quicker.
  • TENTACLES: He sends his tentacles underground, and they come up right underneath you and damage you. Keep moving to avoid getting caught.
  • ROCK THROW: He picks up a piece of the road and tosses at you, which causes a great deal of damage. Dodge these throws to avoid getting hit.
  • LASERS: Arius sends lasers from his chest that try to attack you. Immediately go to his back where he can’t hit you and he is vulnerable for you to attack him.

[edit] Arius-Argosax

Difficulty: Very Easy

Strategy: The last boss is the easiest boss in the entire game. I have beaten him on Lucia Must Die Mode without even being touched. Just keep throwing daggers at him, and dodge his attacks. Just keep moving and he wont hit you. Moves: BITE: Arius tries to bite you. Just move backwards so that he cannot hit you.

  • TAIL: He tries to hit you with his tail, to cause damage. Just avoid the tail to prevent any damage.
  • POISON: He sends a poisonous liquid toward you. Just dodge forward or backwards, to prevent from getting poisoned.
  • VITALITY SUCK: He grabs you and once again sucks your vitality. Just make sure you don’t get caught. And if you do randomly press those buttons to get free as soon as possible.

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