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Arkham is a character in Devil May Cry 3 and one of the main villains in that game. He has a scar that covers the left side of his face. He wants to become a demon, even if it means killing his own wife to do so. At first, he is seemingly working with Vergil, but he betrays him. He eventually opens the gate to the Demon World and takes Sparda's power and becomes a weird, huge blob. He is fought by both Dante and Vergil while he's in his blob form. He is then killed by Lady.

[edit] Guide

  • Seen - Mission 19
  • Attacks
    • Arkham can swipe either laterally or slam his tentacle to the ground in an attempt to knock Dante over. He will bring his tentacle back or over his head before doing the respective attacks
    • When Arkham turns yellow he will fire 2 homing eel-type things at Dante
    • When Arkham turns red he will fire 3 or 4 homing eel-type things at Dante
    • After a while Arkham will sink into the ground and summon wolf-like creatures which you must attack and kill before Arkham reappears.
Arkham in Demon Form

  • Strategies - One of the best strategies you can employ in the second half of the battle is have a second person control Vergil. Because he doesn't have a health bar you can attack without worrying about being hit while the person controlling Dante dodges a lot and uses guns or gets stuck in with his sword as well. For the first half, if you find the homing eels difficult to avoid, Devil Trigger before you get hit to minimise the damage. Beowolf or Agni & Rudra seem to work well in this battle. Watch out for Arkham's attacks, learn to recognise the signals for each one and you're halfway there. Take Kalina Ann for the wolves, you can damage large amounts of them at once with it.
  • Dangers - You can't Devil Trigger when Vergil arrives, so if you had trouble dodging the eels then carry some vital stars. The three homing eels are by far the biggest danger of this boss. It will also take you an eternity to kill Arkham on DMD mode even with a good second player.
  • Rewards - Nothing.

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