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  • Seen - Mission 11 and Mission 18

  • Attacks
    • He has a basic 3 hit combo which he will use often near the start of the battle. 2 punches and a stomp, the second punch and stomp will hit you if you're standing still.
    • He has a basic stomp, usually when you are stood right next to him. He also has a double stomp variation, both of which he will raise his leg for.
    • If you're behind Beowulf he will turn around and swing at you.
    • If you hit Beowulf in the eye he will usually cover his eye with one hand and lash out at you twice in quick succession. If you continue to hit his eye with jump attacks he will fire a laser at you.
    • When you get Beowulf down to about 2/3 health he'll kneel down before getting up and saying "I will kill you!" and creating a massive explosion around himself which will cause you a lot of damage if you get hit.
    • After that attack he will get on all fours and run to the other side of the room before stomping to bring down pillars, he will then knock the pillar at you. He will do this 2-5 times, depending on the difficulty. The second and fifth columns will fly into the air, the others will go along the ground.
    • After that (and at other points afterwards) Beowulf will charge around on all fours and attempt to knock you down.
    • When Beowulf is down to about 1/4 health, he has the move Volcano from Swordmaster/Beowolf, only the explosion radius is much larger and much more powerful.
    • If you stay far away from Beowulf for too long he will fire a series of homing missiles at you in quick succession, a burst of about 8 and then a second burst of about 3 or 4 a few seconds later.

  • Strategies - Beowulf's weak spot is his eye so aim for that whenever possible. Rebellion seems to cause the most damage, Agni & Rudra's jumping attack in Beowolf's eye is also fairly damaging. Beowulf does telegraph most of his attacks so if you learn to recognise them you'll be able to dodge out the way. When Beowulf stomps and brings pillars down, it's actually a good time to get in close and cause some "free" damage. The second and fifth swings of Beowolf's fist will hit you, the rest will miss. Beowulf is one of the few bosses where Sword Pierce (Level 2 Swordmaster ability for Rebellion) actually works and the sword doesn't bounce right back to you.

  • Dangers - The "I will kill you!" attack does a lot of damage, avoid at all costs. But if you use Royal Guard, that move is the perfect chance to deal a ton of damage to him, jump up and release in his eye and you'll have cut the battle time down by about 3 minutes. The homing missile attack is very difficult to dodge, so if Beowolf uses it activate your Devil Trigger to minimise any damage. Also, despite being large he is remarkably quick for his size.

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