Berial's appearance in Devil May Cry 4

Berial is one of the bosses you'll face in Devil May Cry 4, you'll face him early in the game as Nero and again late in the game as Dante. Berial calls himself the "Conqueror of the Fire Hell", he resembles a giant, flaming centaur and wields a sword 3 times the size of a normal man.

Defeating Berial with Nero is quite easy because you have the Devil Bringer to claw your way to Berial's face and attack. Beating him with Dante is slightly more difficult as Dante doesn't possess the Devil Bringer, however if you remember to use jumps and rolls to evade his sword attacks he should still be a walk in the park. After defeating Berial with Dante you'll unlock the Lucifer Devil Arm.

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