Blood Goyle

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  • Attacks - They only have one real attack and that's to charge at you in the air. They'll usually fly into the air and circle around several times quickly and then dive at you. Their other ability is to split into 2 separate, but equally powerful, Goyles. This happens either when you hit them with a Devil Arm or you leave one alone for too long.
  • Dangers - Hitting them with Devil Arms is a definite no-no because you'll only create more enemies to fight. Only hit them with Devil Arms when you turn them to stone. When hitting Goyles turned to stone, watch out that you don't inadvertently hit any other Goyles.
  • Weaknesses - In their stone form they're weak to Agni & Rudra. When you cause enough damage to them with your guns to turn them to stone, they're totally defenceless. Use this opportunity to lay into them with Agni & Rudra. A good way of hitting many Goyles at once is with Kalina Ann, it will also turn them to stone in one hit and also help prevent you accidentally hitting a "live" Blood Goyle.
  • DMD Notes When they DT they'll just take longer to kill, that's about it. Using Kalina Ann is recommended here if you weren't using it before, otherwise do what you've been doing on the earlier modes.
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