Blue Orb Fragment Locations


A Blue Orb Fragment from Devil May Cry 4

[edit] Devil May Cry

This is a detailed list of all the blue orb fragment locations throughout the game.

[edit] Mission 1

1. At the very beginning of the game, before the start of the first mission. It is in a pavilion at the end of a bridge Dante runs under just before he gets to the castle. Jump on the bridge to get the orb.

2. Next to the stairs in the Main Hall of the castle, floating in the air.

3. In a knight's armor in the first room you enter in the castle.

4. In the plane room, on top of the plane.

5. In the large pool of water in the room that has only 3 rooms

[edit] Mission 2

6. In the room with the Statue of Time, under the table closest to the Statue of Time. Destroy the table to access it.

[edit] Mission 3

7. On the other side of the bridge that breaks from underneath you.

8. In the Secret Mission - Critical Hit

9. In the bridge inside the castle, you have to stinger across it to make the fragment fall into your possession. It is located near the Critical Hit Secret Mission.

[edit] Mission 4

10. In the Secret Mission - Phantom Baby

11. In the Secret Mission - Phantom Baby II

12. In the Secret Mission - 3 Beasts

13. At the very top of the main tower, use Air Hike to get it.

[edit] Mission 6

14.Wall left to the dead end

[edit] Mission 7

15. In the Secret Mission - One Eyed Demon

[edit] Mission 8

16. Back to where the pools are, the fragment is in the other pool on the right hand side.

17. Near the trident, on top of the ledge that is framed by two horses. Jump on the horse to jump up to the ledge.

[edit] Mission 9

18. On the right side of the courtyard, attack the tombstone and it will move revealing the 18th blue orb fragment.

[edit] Mission 11

19. In the Secret Mission - A Bunch of Ghosts

20. Destroy all the blades in the well and it will appear.

21. It is very well hidden inside the gate

[edit] Mission 12

22. You have to use the stinger to go from the low part of the ship, to the furthest point.

[edit] Mission 13

23. In the ship, in the room below the main deck.

[edit] Mission 14

24. In the Secret Mission - Water Prison

25. To the right of the ship, after exiting, in the water.

26. On top of the cliff near the elevator

27. At the end of the bridge after the elevator

[edit] Mission 15

28. Behind a breakable wall in the Blue Emblem door area.

29. In the Secret Mission - Treasure Guided by the Death God.

30. In the area where you get the Nightmare-Beta weapon. Hop on the area above the Nightmare-Beta before picking up the weapon.

31. Inside the Coliseum, on the highest point of the bridge.

[edit] Mission 16

32. In the Secret Mission - Stairway of Tranquility.

33. Near the giant horse statue in the main hall of the castle.

34. In the air towards the right of the stairs in the main hall.

35. In the Secret Mission - Shadows in the Dark.

36. In the huge hallway that ends in a painting with a huge face above it, jump around the door that leads to the Statue of Time to find the fragment.

37. After the Staff of Hermes is used, jump through the right-hand picture. The blue orb fragment is located on top of the bed inside the bedroom.

[edit] Mission 17

38. In the Secret Mission - Holy Blue Stone in the Sky. You must jump across the broken bridge back to the main castle without falling in the water to activate the mission.

39. In the dragon room, at the end of the hallway to the right there is a balcony on the upper level. The orb is in the air on the balcony, out of the screen, jump around to find it.

[edit] Mission 18

40. Inside the room that only holds 1 barrel, underwater, in that barrel.

41. On a ledge, in the tower.

42. The room with the statue before getting the staff of judgement.

[edit] Mission 19

43. It is in the mirror-side courtyard, floating in the air next to the widest tower. Jump on top of the tower to get it

44. Also in the mirror-side courtyard, in the same tower as a previous Blue Orb Fragment was on the non-mirror-side courtyard after the fight with Nelo Angelo. It is the skinny tower to the far left just before you jump into the hole. Air-hike to get there.

[edit] Devil May Cry 2

[edit] Devil May Cry 3

This will list the other locations of Blue Orb Fragments. You get 12 from Secret Missions and 10 from Combat Ajudicators.

[edit] Mission 3

13th Avenue - Just before the boss room.

[edit] Mission 4

Incandescent Space - Above the door.

[edit] Mission 7

Pitch-Black Void - On top of the support pillar above the stairs, Air Hike is handy.

[edit] Mission 8

Leviathan's Stomach - On the ship in the first room.

[edit] Mission 9

Subterranean Garden - Above the Divinity Statue. This is really hard to get. The easiest way is from the platform of the door you came in, use Air Hike, quickly swap to Nevan and go into Devil Trigger and simply fly into the space where the fragment it.

[edit] Mission 11

Altar of Evil Pathway - Above the door from the Gears of Madness, above the pipes.

[edit] Mission 14

Hell's Highway - You'll run across this one exiting the series of rooms.

[edit] Mission 15

Underground Arena - Get to the other side of the tower room, then go through the door and drop down to the arena where you fought Geryon.

[edit] Mission 17

Azure Garden - First level of the God-Cube chamber.

[edit] Mission 18

Lost Souls Nirvana - Defeat all the bosses

[edit] Devil May Cry 4

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