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Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Strategy: Bolverk fights this battle with his two fast pet wolves, Freki and Geri, who you fought earlier on during the game. Freki and Geri usually take a lot of attention away from Bolverk, taking away your lock, leaving you vulnerable to attack. You can kill Freki and Geri to make it a lot easier, or go immediately after Bolverk. The battle is like a sword man verse sword man battle, and can be difficult. His moves are very powerful, and the only way to complete this battle is to slash away at him once again. Best chance for most damage is when he is messing with his spear and preparing to attack you, immediately attack him.


  • DASH: Freki and Geri will dash across your plane trying to attack you. No point in really avoiding them, as it is very quick. Just keep motile and attack Bolverk.
  • COMBOS: Similar to Dante's sword combos, Bolverk attacks Dante quickly with a large range. Dodge left or right to avoid these, and attack him, to break these combos up.
  • STINGER: Exactly the same as Dante's Stinger. Just dodge left or right to prevent him from causing damage to you, and attack when Bolverk leaves his side open.
  • TELEPORT: Bolverk has the ability to teleport to a different location in the room. No way to avoid this just be aware of Bolverk's location at all times.
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