Combat Ajudicators

In some missions on Devil May Cry 3 there are statues with coloured flames on them. These statues can be broken for blue orb fragments but to do so you need to extinguish the flames by racking up style points. Each time you advance your style ranking up a level by doing combos you will put out one of the flames. Some statues only require you to get up to Blast while for others you need to get all the way up to SSStylish, the more flames there are the higher you need to get the ranking. If you repeat moves too often then your ranking will start to go down, use different moves and combos. Swordmaster gives you access to more moves and that is the best style for these statues especially when you need to get SShowtime! or SSStylish! rankings. Here are the rankings in order:

  • Dope!
  • Crazy!
  • Blast!
  • Alright!
  • Sweet!
  • SShowtime!
  • SSStylish!

Another thing to note is that you can only use one weapon on these statues, the colour of the flame will indicate what weapon you need to use:

If you use any other weapon than the one you're supposed to then you will recoil and nothing will happen. Here are the locations of the statues and what weapon you need to use on them and what stylish rank you need to get up to. There are two for each weapon.


[edit] Mission 3

Using Rebellion:

  • After the club, on the roof on the left side of the street. Blast! rank needed.

[edit] Mission 5

Using Cerebrus:

  • Across the gap of the Endless Infernum after using the Soul of Steel to get across. Alright! rank needed.

[edit] Mission 6

Using Agni & Rudra:

  • On your left after going through the door opened by putting 2 Essences into the Goddess statue. Alright! rank needed.

[edit] Mission 7

Using Rebellion:

  • In the room where you use the Orihalcon Fragment to power the lift. SSStylish! rank needed.

[edit] Mission 8

Using Cerebrus:

  • Inside the passageway just after you've picked up the Ignus Fatuus, the second left turn. SShowtime! rank needed.

[edit] Mission 10

Using Nevan:

  • Subterranean Lake under the structure near the Waterfall. Blast! rank needed.

Note that this statue is there in Mission 9 but you don't get Nevan until the end of that mission so on the first time through the game you can only try this statue in Mission 10.

[edit] Mission 11

Using Agni & Rudra:

  • Just before you get onto the cart on the rails. SShowtime! rank needed.

[edit] Mission 13

Using Nevan:

  • At the big door to the Lair of Judgement, carry on going in the same direction as you are when you enter past the door, at the end of the path is the statue. SShowtime! rank needed.

[edit] Mission 14

Using Beowolf:

  • In the same room where you pick up the Beowolf weapon. Crazy! rank needed.

[edit] Mission 17

Using Beowolf:

  • In the Floating Cube room, on the ground floor. SSStylish! rank needed.

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