Damned Pawn

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[edit] Apearances

[edit] Guide

Attacks - The Pawns only have one attack, when you get close to them their swords will start to glow red and they'll bring their swords up before bringing them down to slash you after a couple of seconds.

Dangers - They will sometimes circle around you which can make spotting the glowing swords difficult. In a group they're also a lot more deadly.

Quick Kill - They can only attack their target from the front, so it is easy to hit them in the back because they don't hit backward, but be careful they do rotate.

Weaknesses - They're slow on easier modes, but on higher ones even after they attack they are vulnerable to attack because they won't move.

DMD Notes They are much faster on DMD mode, you don't have much time to get in a combo. In a group these guys are more lethal than meets the eye especially on the Chessboard.

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