Dante from Devil May Cry 4

Dante is the main character of the Devil May Cry series. He carries a pair of guns named Ebony & Ivory and a sword. He is half human and half demon, as is his twin brother Vergil, and he can activate Devil Trigger to use his demon side. He is seemingly immortal. He is known for acting cool and his trash talking.


[edit] Devil May Cry

Dante is the main character in this game. He is very comical, and has mysterious demon powers that he doesn't know much about. He works in his own company "Devil May Cry", where he goes out and takes down demons. He's been in a slump since the events of DMC 3, and the death of his mother. He is known as the Son of Sparda, and is confused for his father by some of the demons in the game. His quest is to defeat one of the demons that his father was able to lock away, named Mundus.

[edit] DMC Weapons

[edit] Devil May Cry 2

Dante DMC 2.jpg

Much different than the previous installment, in Devil May Cry 2, Dante is a lot more silent, and most of his witty remarks are gone. He is no longer the smart back-talking charismatic character that he was in Devil May Cry 1. He now seems to have matured greatly, and seems to accept everything that has been thrown at him, and looks to defeat anything that remains in his path. He goes to help Lucia fend off the demons that Arius has released on her island. He in this game now must stop Arius from taking over the world.

[edit] DMC 2 Weapons

See Weapons of Devil May Cry 2 for a more detailed list.

  • Ebony and Ivory
  • Submachine Guns
  • Shotgun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Rebellion
  • Vendetta
  • Merciless
  • Force Edge

[edit] Moves

  • HIGH TIME – After locking on to a target (R1.gif), Hold the left analog stick backwards, and press Triangle.gif. This attack launches enemies into the air.
  • STINGER – Lock on to a target (R1.gif), then hold the left analog stick forward, and press Triangle.gif. Dante rushes forward and stabs the enemy.
  • RAIN STORM – When at the highest point in the middle of a special jump, such as air hike, press Square.gif to shoot. This does not work for just normal jumps. This attack does not lock on to a target, Dante just aims downwards and shoots at any enemies on the floor. Only usable for Ebony & Ivory
  • TWO SOME TIME – Brand new to Devil May Cry 2. While locked on to a target, press the left analog stick towards another enemy and press Square.gif. This will allow Dante to attack two different enemies simultaneously. He will be able to shoot in different directions.
  • 3 HIT COMBO – Press Triangle.gifthree times, to complete a 3 Hit Combo
  • 5 HIT COMBO – Press Triangle.gifthree times, and then simultaneously pressing Triangle.gif for a fourth time, while moving the left analog stick. Shotgun Combos Thanks to sphinx87
  • BACKFLIP SHOTGUN - Hold R1.gif, and hit Triangle.gif, so that Dante will slash the enemy up into the air, and do one shot of the shotgun while doing a cartwheel/backflip sort of thing.
  • DOUBLE SHOT - Press Triangle.gif twice, and then press Square.gif for Dante to do a slash, and then take two shots at the enemy while whipping it around himself.
  • SHOTS UNDER THE ARM- Press Triangle.gif three times before pressing Square.gif and Dante will fire the shotgun underneath his arm at the enemy. DT Attacks
  • 5 HIT COMBO – Do the same 5 hit combo, and Dante ends it with 2 downward stabs and a kick to the ground
  • ELEMENTAL BEAMS – Press Triangle.gif twice, then simultaneously move the left analog stick while pressing the Triangle.gif button 3 more times. He will attack twice, and then depending on the elemental heart equipped, will cast beams of the element toward the enemy.
  • ROUND TRIP – Press Triangle.gif while in midair, to throw the sword toward the enemy, similar to the Round Trip move in Devil May Cry 1 Special Attacks
  • DIVINE BEAMS – While in desperate Devil Trigger (when vitality gauge is in the red, and devil trigger is called), and in midair, press Square.gif to shoot powerful yellow beams.
  • DIVINE AURA – While in desperate Devil Trigger, press Square.gif and Triangle.gif simultaneously to send beams from Dante’s body through the enemies on the level.

[edit] Devil May Cry 3

Dante's appearance in DMC 3

Dante is younger and more cocky than ever before in this installment. While lazing around his day is interrupted by an intrusion in his office. His brother Vergil is sending for him, for reasons unknown. Soon after in the opening sequence carnage erupts and you are propelled into the game. Much to the delight of female fans around the world, Dante has no top on in this game for the first level and you can see his chest. He still sports his red leather trench-coat to cool effect while doing his various moves. The silent Dante of Devil May Cry 2 is no more and we are back to the bantering and insulting between Dante and major enemies. What will be said when Dante and Vergil come face to face remains to be seen....

[edit] Devil May Cry 4

The star of the series, Dante the half-devil returns in the fourth instalment, and potentially in a new role. Armed with his trusty pistols Ebony and Ivory and his sword Rebellion, it appears that Dante is going up against a religious group known as the Order of the Sword, based in the city of Fortuna, who worship the legend of Sparda and hunt demons. For the first time in the series Dante will have to share the spotlight with another, the young demon hunter Nero who also seems to have some kind of link to the Sparda bloodline.

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