Despair Embodied

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This is the true form of Argosax The Chaos who appears after Dante has destroyed all the demons that made up Argosax the Chaos. Once destroyed, a stalk will rise from it's corpse and leave an egg, this egg will hatch into the Despair Embodied.

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Difficulty: Very Hard

Strategy: This boss can be very difficulty for first timers. As this boss never stops attacking. He will continue to attack you and will never let up. All of his attacks cause great amounts of damage as well. Definitely the coolest boss in the game though. Just continue to shoot at him and dodge his attacks. Try to stay away from him as much as possible, because the closer you are to him, the more dangerous he gets.


  • SHARP RAIN: While Despair is in the air, he will summon some sort of rain that comes down upon you and causes a great deal of damage as it hits you. Try to keep moving to prevent from getting hit.
  • TELEPORT: Despair has the ability to teleport from one location to another. Can get very dangerous if he teleports close to you, because then he can do a move, that can cause a great deal of damage. Always pay attention to his location.
  • ENERGY BLASTS: He sends large beams of energy toward you that cause a huge amount of damage. When you see this, dodge left or right to prevent this from happening.
  • STINGER: Similar to Dante's Stinger, but a lot more powerful. It is a long-range move, which causes a huge amount of damage. Dodge left or right to avoid this.
  • WHIP: Despair turns his arms into whips, as he lashes them out at you. Make sure that you keep your distance when this happens.

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