Devil May Cry 2 Secret Rooms

This is a detailed list of all the secret rooms in Devil May Cry 2. There are a list of the 20 secret room locations for Dante, and 10 for Lucia. But in total there are 60 for Dante; 20 for Normal, Hard, and Dante Must Die; and 30 for Lucia; 10 for Normal, Hard and Lucia Must Die.

Each time you enter a secret room, the enemies get harder and harder. The enemies you face don't depend on what room you enter, but the order you go in. The order is always the same, whether you go to the secret mission in Mission 16, or Mission 1.

[edit] Dante

Mission Location
1 The giant green door, at the beginning.
1 Right after the first one. The door that is blocking your way, you have to jump over it, and enter it from the other side.
2 The coffin in the ground.
2 The coffin that lies against the wall.
3 Across from the huge white double doors, along the right side of the street.
4 Along the doors on the right at the beginning
4 In the window at the hidden corner inside of the dock.
5 In a set of doors on the balcony, early in the mission.
5 Right after you face Orangguerra, on the left of the bridge.
5 In a pair of doors to the right of one of the Infested tanks
7 Across from the Statue of Time under a staircase.
7 After the second lift, in one of the pair of doors at the top.
10 In the right pillar in the garden.
11 Just underneath the striking globe.
11 In The wall that looks like an eye.
12 At the beginning go right back through the entrance you came from.
12 In the pathway of statues, strike the last statue on the left, and press the Action button while in it.
14 Go back through the doorway that you fought Oranguerra.
16 Just below the first sacrilege.
16 After defeating Trismagia, the chair in Arius' office

[edit] Lucia

Mission Location
1 Under the Statue of Time, on the right end.
1 There is a hidden path, at the end of the mission, to the left of the door.
3 In the observatory, under the staircase .
3 Above the door where you fight Jokatgulm.
5 In the right room, before you encounter Arius.
6 After the boss fight, Fly to the ledge with the big dark cave right of the place with the 2 red orbs and blue orb and enter the cave.
7 In the same place that you found the aqua heart, you have to double jump to a door from the pedestal.
8 Where you find the gold orb, jump up to a dark doorway.
10 After you see the first striking globe, enter the room to the left.
12 Strike the vase in the Hallway where the fountain is, and enter that wall.

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