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  • Attacks - They can fire blue and red arrows. The blue ones travel as projectiles (ie. curved path) and are fairly easy to dodge. The red ones go straight and do a lot more damage, they will be used more often on the later levels and on the harder difficulties.
  • Dangers - These guys are very troublesome on harder difficulties. On easier difficulties they're not so bad but you will grow to loathe these guys as you progress through the game. They will often scuttle back away from you which makes getting close very hard unless they back up into a wall. If you take a full blast of red arrows then you can wave goodbye to a massive portion of your health.
  • Weaknesses - If they have a weakness, it's Kalina Ann. It will stun them on all modes except DMD and prevent them from firing their arrows and allow you time to get close and hit them. Once you start a combo on them they can't escape unless they're in DT mode (DMD only) so when you're close, they're pretty much useless. If you see them charging up red arrows then quickly blast them with Kalina Ann.
  • DMD Notes These guys will give you enormous problems on DMD mode. For starters you can't always stun them with Kalina Ann to disrupt their attack any more. If you take a face-full of red arrows then you can wave goodbye to about one bar of your health. Sword Pierce is a good move here, as is keeping on the move.

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