Force Edge

Force Edge

The Force Edge is the default blade used by Dante in Devil May Cry. It looks just like any regular blade, however the Force Edge's true powers were sealed away by The Dark Knight Sparda and can only be truly used when the sword is combined with the Perfect Amulet which was split in half with a half being given to Dante and Vergil as a birthday gift from their mother. When the Amulet halves are united and combined with the Force Edge it transforms into the legendary blade Sparda which was once held and named after The Dark Knight Sparda.


[edit] Moves

[edit] Devil May Cry

[edit] Dante

Action Command Description
Force Edge Combo 1 Circle.gif, Circle.gif, Circle.gif 3-hit combo.
Force Edge Combo 2 Circle.gif, Circle.gif - Circle.gif, Circle.gif A 5-hit combo which can knock back out all nearby enemies before destroying enemies directly in front of you.
Force Edge Combo 3 Circle.gif, Circle.gif—— Circle.gif A forward thrust attack at you enemy with enough speed and power to blast them backwards.
High Time R1.gif + Down.gif + Circle.gif Swing your sword in an uppercut mtion to send the enemy into the air.
Round Trip Circle.gif (hold and release) Throw the Force Edge like a boomerang.
Stinger R1.gif + Up.gif + Circle.gif Launch at your enemy from a distance at high speed and thrust your sword at them.
Air Raid R1.gif (mid-air, Devil Trigger) Jump into the air where you can perform several sword and gun attacks
Vortex Circle.gif (when in Airborne) Spinning body attack from mid-air.

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