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Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Strategy: This boss continues to attack, and refuses to stop. Continue to dodge his attacks, as it says in the moves section below. Continue to shoot and slash away at him with your weapons. He has moves that are pretty hard to escape, including his whirlwind attack where he sucks you in, and it is almost impossible to prevent being drawn in to his attack. Just have to try and flip, and keep running away from him. If you jump in the air, the rate at which you get sucked in will increase.


  • CHARGE: He charges toward you like a bull, and will damage you if you are in his path. Just dodge left or right to evade this.
  • DOWNWARD STRIKE: If you are close to him, he will slam his hammer down onto you, causing mass amounts of damage, just dodge left or right to avoid this.
  • WHIRLWIND: He swings his hammer above his head, which causes a whirlwind taken up the entire scene, pulling you toward him. Impossible to avoid, but can be prolonged until he stops so that no damage is done to you. Just continue running and flipping away from him. If you jump, the rate at which you are drawn into him, increases and you will be pulled into him.
  • FIRESTARTER: He starts fire all around him causing damage. Just try to get away from him to prevent this attack from causing damage
  • CIRCLE OF FIRE: He creates a circle of fire around him, which can cause great deals of damage to the player. Best chance is to jump over the flame. In the higher difficulties the flames are larger, so the best chance is to dodge the flames, and try to find little parts where there is no flame where you can go through to prevent from getting any damage.
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