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  • Seen - Mission 12 and Mission 18
  • Attacks
    • On the bridge, Geryon will fire rockets at you from his carriage and charge towards you before disappearing behind you. He will then reappear at the other end of the brigde and repeat this.
    • When you damage him enough you'll both fall down into an arena. Here, Geryon will run around the edge of the arena in circles firing rockets at you from his carriage.
    • After a bit of that he will cut in and go through the center of the arena and fire several volleys of rockets at you when he stops at the edge.
    • Geyron will stomp his feet twice and send 2 waves crashing in your direction.
    • When Geryon gets on low enough health he will start charging at you and disappearing out behind you before appearing somewhere else and charging again. He will release red orbs which will slow you down if you get hit by them. On higher difficulties, several spears will appear and hit you if you don't move.
    • After this, Geryon will go back to running around the arena but red orbs will frequently appear near you.
  • Strategies - If you can get close to him, he is weak to Cerebrus. Attacking Geryon himself will do more damage than attacking the carriage, but you can jump on the back of the carriage and get a lengthy series of melee attacks while Geryon is circling the arena. If you hit Geryon enough when he's standing he will fall down where you can get some free hits in. Air Hike is handy for avoiding a lot of attacks, especially when you've been slowed down by one of the red orbs.
  • Dangers - Geryon's ability to slow you down can really hamper your progress. The fact he only stands still for short periods of time means that for a lot of time you'll probably be using your guns which don't really cause all that much damage.
  • Rewards - After you defeat Geryon. You will get Geryon style which he use to stop the time.

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