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[edit] Mission 9

You first meet Griffon in Mission 9. In the Colosseum. The main thing to do here is to try and use Ifrit as much as possible to cause the greatest amounts of damage. Especially when he is stunned lying down on the ground, just keep attacking him. Meteor is a good attack to use here. Make sure to keep moving as well.


  • BEAK - He will charge down with you with the his beak. Jump upwards, and start to attack him. Otherwise move to a side to avoid being hit.
  • BOLT OF ELECTRICITY- A bolt of electricity shooting vertical toward Dante, just roll left or right to avoid
  • BLOW- Griffon will blow a breath of air toward you, dodge left or right to avoid.
  • LIGHTNING RAIN- A chain of lightning will come crashing down on wherever Dante stands. Just keep running in one direction to avoid being hit.

[edit] Mission 12

This is the next time you meet Griffon on the Ghost Ship. He is a tad bit harder with more obstacles in the way. Every time he charges at you with his beak, jump up on his face and slash away really quick before he retaliates. He has a few new moves and an annoying electricity shield that carries you in the air.


  • ELECTRIC SHIELD - An electric shield carries you into the air while damaging you, shoot immediately to get rid of it.
  • ELECTRICITY - Electricity will come horizontal, vertical, and in v-shapes and converge on Dante, jump or roll to avoid these.

[edit] Mission 15

Same exact strategy as in Mission 12. Nothing changes here, the last time you will see him as a boss. But he will make appearances later in the game.

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