Hell Gluttony

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[edit] Guide

  • Attacks - The main attack they have is the ability to blow a wall of sand in your direction. The cue for this is that they'll often jump back slightly and then start to inhale before blowing a wall of sand at you. It stretches quite far and if they're charging up the attack it's usually because you're in range. Either dodge to the side or Air Hike to avoid it.
  • Dangers - In a group of enemies they can catch you unawares if you're not paying attention. Their sand wall attack also does quite a bit of damage.
  • Weaknesses - They're not weak to any weapons, but they are fairly slow. So even if you need to keep alternating between hitting them to stop them attacking, you can usually get a decent amount of damage in.
  • DMD Notes They just take longer to kill here, there's no real extra strategy needed except you'll need to keep dodging. Once they DT, if you see them charging up their sand attack, just jump out the way, don't leave it to chance to see if you can knock them off balance before they unleash their attack.
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