Hell Lust

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  • Attacks - There are 2 attacks you need to watch out for, both equally annoying and deadly. One is where they'll hang around on the edge of whoever you're battling, they'll then leap back and charge forward and slash at you, often from behind. Their other attack is where they do a short run forward and then do an uppercut-like manoeuvre.
  • Dangers - They often attack from behind and when there's more than one of them you can very quickly lose a ton of health if you're not paying attention.
  • Weaknesses - They're not weak to any weapons, but once you get up close and start attacking them they are virtually no threat. Even if they do manage to escape your attacks and leap back, when they charge forward to attack they will more often than not fly right past you because you were so close.
  • DMD Notes If there's a speed increase on DMD mode with these guys it's hard to tell because they're quick anyway. They will attack more often and once they DT it becomes hard to stun them and get a combo going. If you do manage to stun them then don't miss your chance, hit your own DT and cause as much damage as you can.

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