Hell Pride

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  • Attacks - These guys have 3 attacks. 2 of them are slashes with their scythes on the ground, one is where they bring the scythe over their shoulder, the other is a more horizontal sweep which is slightly faster. They can also jump at you and slash. All of these are fairly easy to avoid because they swing their scythes back before they attack.
  • Dangers - They are only really dangerous in a group or when they have devil triggered. Apart from that these guys should be the least of your concerns.
  • Weaknesses - They're weak outright, but they will take more damage from Beowolf attacks than any other weapon. This is more useful on DMD mode when they have Devil Triggered. They're also pretty slow.
  • DMD Notes In DMD mode these guys will block your attacks a lot more often, so if they start doing that then move onto another one. When they DT they become much harder to knock off balance and so powerful single hits like Bee Sting or hitting them from behind is your best bet.

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