Hell Sloth

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  • Attacks - These guys like to teleport, a lot. Their only attack is a teleport right next to you followed by a slash of their scythe, but they often like to teleport randomly around the room making keeping track of them difficult. Just before they teleport next to you they'll look like they're uttering a war cry and then they'll appear right next to you and slash so be sure to dodge out the way.
  • Dangers- The fact they can teleport from anywhere in the room to right next to you, they can do it from outside of the camera as well, so try and keep track of where they are. This is made a lot harder when you're fighting more than one of them or if they're in a group of other enemies. In a mixed group, you should focus on killing these guys first.
  • Weaknesses - They're not weak to any weapons, but using Beowolf's Bee Sting (the air attack) can help you a lot since they have no air attacks. Using Agni & Rudra can also work because the type of attacks you can do often means you can catch 2 of these guys in one attacking motion.
  • DMD Notes Once these guys DT you are in for the long haul, they take what feels like an eternity to kill once they've gone into DT mode, you're looking at hitting them with several long, powerful combos before they bite the dust. They still only have one attack which you need to dodge, once you've done that then hit them back and pray you can knock them off balance. Beowolf is handy here for delivering strong hits.
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