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  • Attacks - He has a few attacks. He initially appears as a boss but later on appears as just a regular enemy, two at once in some places. Like most, there's a regular scythe swinging attack but unlike most, he will also swing it back and can hit you twice if you don't watch out for it. After you hit him a certain number of times he will vanish into thin air. He'll then either reappear from the ground (indicated by blackness appearing on the ground) and shoot up with an uppercut-style move or he'll appear some distance away from you and charge at you. This is usually done 1, 2 or 3 times depending on whether it's Normal, Hard or Dante Must Die mode. Dodge to the side to avoid the uppercut, jump to avoid the charging attack.
  • Dangers - The attacks that Vanguard uses when he vanishes are very deadly and you don't get much warning as to whether it's the charge or the uppercut he's about to do. He is also a quick mover and attacker, there isn't much margin for error.
  • Weaknesses - Hell Vanguard will take considerably more damage from Beowolf than any other weapon, so use that to your advantage. You can also usually get quite a few hits in if you manage to sneak in an opening.
  • DMD Notes He will go into Devil Trigger if you kill 2 other enemies in his presence, this only really applies on Mission 12 and in Secret Mission 8. Make sure you kill him before 2 other enemies otherwise you'll be looking at a massively long fight. Using Beowolf to combo him here is essential. Apart from that, he'll charge at you 3 times as opposed to twice and once on the earlier modes.
  • Rewards - Nothing. He just drop a few red orbs

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