Hell Wrath

Hell Wrath.gif

[edit] Apearances

[edit] Guide

  • Attacks - There's only one thing you need to watch out for here, when they die. You can only shoot them, any attack with Devil Arms will just bounce back off, but when you kill them or stand next to them for too long they will explode causing damage in a fairly wide radius. This can damage enemies as well as you.
  • Dangers - Don't stand too close to them when you kill them.
  • Weaknesses - They're not weak to any weapons, but when they're in the middle of a group of enemies, if you kill them then you'll cause quite a bit of damage to everyone surrounding them. That's all there is to these guys.
  • DMD Notes There's not much to say here, they just take a bit longer to kill and will do more damage if you get caught by the blast, that's it.
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