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Difficulty: Medium

Strategy: This can be one of the hardest and most frustrating bosses if you don't know how to kill her. The key to defeating her is to realize that killing the four tentacles do absolutely no damage to Jokatgulm, and they just continue to grow back. Only damaging the head will cause any damage to her. The main thing to do here is to destroy one of the tentacles and then get up close and personal, and start doing combos on him, Devil Triggering when you get the chance. The easiest way to defeat this boss, but can take a little while, is to keep destroying the tentacles with your handguns or any firearms, continuously jumping in the air to avoid the tentacles hitting you. This will build up your Devil Trigger gauge. Once your Devil Trigger gauge is filled up, go into Devil Trigger mode, and fly into the head, and use Round Trip to cause Heavy Damage to Jokatgulm. Continue to do this and it becomes a lot easier to destroy him. Remember when you get close, he will release poison gas to hurt you, and if you cause too much damage to his head, he will create a protective bubble to block you out.


  • TENTACLE COMBOS: The tentacles will perform various combos including one, two, and even three tentacles to try and cause damage to you. The best way to avoid these is just to continuously jump in the air, and most of the time she will miss you.
  • POISON GAS: Jokatglum will release poison gas, turning your body purple, in your direction when you attack her head, continuously causing damage for a short period of time. To avoid just dodge when she is ready to use this attack
  • PROTECTIVE BUBBLE: After causing mass-amounts of damage to Jokatglum's head, she will create a huge bubble around her head to protect her, knocking you towards one of the walls, to stop you from damaging her. It is impossible to avoid it, if you are in close enough range. So you just have to take the hit
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