Lady as she appeared in Devil May Cry 4

[edit] Background

Lady, also known as Mary, is a character in the Devil May Cry series, making her debut in Devil May Cry 3 and returning in Devil May Cry 4. She is a demon hunter and Arkham's daughter. In Devil May Cry 3, she thinks Dante is nothing but an evil demon, at first. She is fought as a boss later on in the game and is convinced that Dante is actually a good guy.

[edit] Devil May Cry 3

Lady is out for both Dante and Vergil which turns this into a 3-way duel though she has her own motives and is tangled up in the plot. Her exact role is unclear but what is clear is that she will take no prisoners. She's a human, but that doesn't stop her putting up a good fight against anyone getting in her way. As the game goes on, her motives and plans unfold during various encounters with Dante and other characters. There are a few surprises in store for everyone it seems.

[edit] Guide

  • Seen - Mission 16
Lady as she appears in Devil May Cry 3
  • Attacks
    • Lady has a pistol or two that she'll frequently fire at you.
    • Lady can also fire a grappling hook from Kalina Ann which will lift her out of the screen, she'll fire some shots at you if you're nearby.
    • When she lands on one of the pillars she'll throw a few grenades down to the surrounding area which will detonate a few seconds later.
    • She can also fire a rocket from Kalina Ann that will home onto you.
    • When you damage her down to about 1/4 health she will start using the Hysteric attack, launching a series of homing missiles at you
    • When you knock Lady back, she will backflip and fire a few shots at you.
  • Strategies - Whenever Lady fires her guns at you, you can fire back with Ebony and Ivory and the bullets will deflect off each other and you won't be hit. Also, Lady is human and takes a large amount of damage from your Devil Arms, for a boss anyway. When she's throwing grenades around she won't be knocked back, so you can get a few hits in or quite a few if you're using Quicksilver. When she fires rockets or missiles at you then duck behind the pillars for cover. When she fires a rocket you can Air Trick to bypass it and get in close for some hits as well. In general just don't stand still for too long when you can see Lady in the screen. Sometimes she'll be on the other side of the Library and you play a bit of cat and mouse.
  • Dangers - She's not really that dangerous considering she's the boss of Mission 16. You can't combo her and when she recoils or flies up out the screen with her Grapple she will fire some shots at you which can catch you unawares the first time.
  • Rewards - Kalina Ann. You will get Kalina Ann which it is a bazooka in order of the charges you will tell her your name.

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