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  • Seen - Mission 8
  • Attacks
    • Hell Evnies will spawn as soon as one is killed and will be present throughout the battle.
    • If you stay away from the white heart for too long then it will start to drain your Devil Trigger.
    • When the Red Heart absorbs enough red orbs, the main heart will produce 2 lasers in sweeping motions, they will sweep more times on harder difficulties.
    • When the White Heart absorbs enough Devil Trigger, the main heart will produce a few spores that will home onto Dante.
  • Strategies - You can only attack the main heart core once you've depleted the life bar of either of the two side hearts. In general you should go for the white one so you don't have your Devil Trigger sucked away, the red heart will suck red orbs up but that isn't as important as losing Devil Trigger as you can always redo missions to get red orbs. If the homing spores are released, get a Hell Envy in between you and the spores and they'll take the damage. When the main core is vulnerable, Devil Trigger and hit it with everything you've got. The two side hearts are totally defenceless, they rely on the Hell Envies to protect them so if you just keep on the move then you should have no problems.

  • Dangers - The Hell Envies can make this battle very tough, especially on DMD mode. The sweeping lasers will cause you quite a bit of damage and on later difficulties the Hell Envies will Devil Trigger, though the sweeping lasers will wipe them out periodically. You will lose your Devil Trigger is you don't attack the white heart core for a period of time as well.
  • Rewards - Nothing. You will get out from Leviathan's body at stage 9.

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