[edit] Appearance

[edit] Background

The supposed daughter of Matier. She is the protector of the Vie de Marli Island and the 3 arcanas, which can open the underworld. She is the one who calls on Dante to help protect her island from the evil demons that Arius unleashes on the them. She has mysterious demonic powers similar to those of Dante. She as well can go into Devil Trigger mode to gain extra power from within. She uses her speed and agility to help her defeat her enemies.

[edit] Moves

  • SKY HIGH – After locking on to a target (R1), Hold the left analog stick backwards, and press triangle. This attack launches enemies into the air.
  • TWO SOME TIME – While locked on to a target, press the left analog stick towards another enemy and press square. This will allow Lucia to attack two different enemies simultaneously. He will be able to shoot in different directions.
  • LUSH – While in midair, lock onto a target (R1) and press triangle. Lucia will land on the enemy causing heavy damage.
  • 7 HIT COMBO – Press triangle 3 times DT MOVES.
  • WHITE BOLTS - Press square and triangle together and Lucia will send white bolts along the floor.
  • WHITE LIGHTNING - Press square and triangle together while pressing R1 and Lucia will send lightning bolts down from the sky upon her enemies.

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