Lucifer Devil Arm

  Lucifer is a weapon gained by defeating Berial as Dante in the game Devil May Cry 4.  Resembling a skull-shaped pack, it rests on Dante's left shoulder.  Coming from Lucifer are two "arms" that dispense an infinite amount of explosive blades that stick into opponents until detonated, or they will explode on their own after a certain amount of time.  The player doesn't even have to put the blades in him/herself.  Lucifer itself is pretty useful with multiple enemies; my advice is to keep throwing up extra blades; if demons walk into them, the blades will automatically stick into them.  Have enough enemies with enough blades in them, and you're looking at a juicy style boost when you detonate.[1]

Moves for Lucifer(According to PS3 default configuration):

   1.  Combo A:  The basic attack of summoning blades.  This move WILL make the enemy flinch most of the time; depending on the size of the enemy, it may not.  To perform this attack, press /\, /\, /\, /\....
   2.  Combo B:  Similar to Combo A, different pattern.  More barrages of blades.  While on the ground, press /\, pause, /\.......
   3.  Combo C:  A bit more of a potent attack that requires some timing on the players part, but it is an easy way to turn enemies into a pincushion just waiting to detonate. While on the ground, press /\, pause, /\, pause, then /\.
   4.  Combo D:  Useful if you are surrounded. HOWEVER, does not make the other enemies flinch, so they will still attack you.  I would suggest throwing the blades up and IMMEDIATELY detonating them if indeed demons are closing in.  To perform this attack, press /\, /\, pause, then /\ while on the ground.
   5.  Combo E:  The more the merrier.  Really stick it to your foes by pressing /\, /\, /\, /\, pause, then /\ while on the ground.
   6.  Splash:  The mid-air attack for Lucifer, scattering blades all about Dante.  Press /\ in mid-air, do it as many times as you like.
   7.  Ecstasy:  They come up with great move names for this weapon, don't they?  A simple flick of the wrist tosses the gay rose of death elegantly into the air and into a nearby blade, detonating all the blades.  While on the ground and holding R1, press back on the left analog + /\.
   8.  Pin-Up:  An attack that throws up multiple blades in front of you.  Great for extra blades to sheathe into enemies, but the enemy you are targeting will not flinch, so be careful when you do it.  I suggest doing it at a distance a few times, then perform Bondage (scroll down to see it) then Ecstasy for an effective combo.  But anyway, to perform it, while standing on the ground and holding R1, press forward on the left analog + /\.
 The following are the moves for Lucifer when Swordmaster Style is selected (right button on the D-pad):
   9.  Discipline:  Basically, it summons any stray blades to surround you, and then fires them off into the direction Dante is facing.  To perform, while on the ground press O.
  10.  Climax:  Another move that summons any stray blades to completely surround you, then detonates them.  It is more effective and more likely to damage an enemy the more stray blades you have floating around.  While on the ground and holding R1, back on the left analog + O.
  11.  Bondage:  A more accurate form of Discipline, summoning stray blades to you, then surrounding a targeted enemy, then simultaneously lunging forward to embed themselves in whatever poor thing you have in your sights.  To perform, hold R1, forwards on the left analog + O while standing on the ground.
    Lucifer is a tricky one to master, but if used cleverly can bring most enemies down quickly, even bosses.  When using the basic Combos, they can make nearby enemies flinch, so it's a good weapon for multiple enemies.  I suggest putting as many blades as you can into as many enemies as you can before detonating.  It looks AWESOME and will usually give a good boost to your style ranking in battle.
  Have fun!

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