The ruler of the Underworld and the leader of demons, he is the main bad guy in Devil May Cry 1. Mundus is the one that Dante's father, Sparda, locked away in the Underworld. During this process Mundus was able to defeat both Dante's Mother and Father, and take control of their other son, Vergil, who appears as Nelo Angelo in DMC 1.


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[edit] Mission 22

You have to fight the first two versions of Mundus here. Your life will carry over from one fight to the next fight.

Version 1

You guys will both be flying, and Dante will be in Super Devil Trigger form. Just keep shooting fireballs, and circuling around the screen to avoid being hit by anything. If you have Devil Trigger, just use it to use a new move that was not in the game before, and you will get rid of Mundus quicker.

Version 2

The second form is a lot harder. You can't get close to Mundus for long periods of time in this part because he will be sitting in a pit of lava. The best bet is to use Untouchables to protect yourself. Use your grenade gun to damage him and when you get devil trigger, use it by jumping on a moving platform to get up close and personal and cause some damage.


  • BEAM - Mundus will shoot out a beam that will cause great damage. Make sure not to get hit by this.
  • FIREBALLS - He will shoot out fireballs at you from his lava pit.
  • CHUNKS OF EARTH - Mundus will throw chunks of earth at you.
  • ORBS - He will deploy orbs that will shoot at you, they don't cause much damage, but I would get rid of them.

[edit] Mission 23

Just attack Mundus a couple of times, and then you will see a cutscene, where Trish will give your handguns special powers that will blow away Mundus once and for all. Nothing really special happens here. Just the end of the game.

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