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[edit] Mission 16

All three versions of Nightmare can be hell to fight. The room will be dark when you fight him. When it is dark, he can absorb you and force you to fight a miniboss. To prevent this lighten the room, by hitting the ruins on the wall around the room. Just try to keep them lit. While it is lit, a ball will appear on Nightmare, where you will cause your damage. Start slashing away with Ifrit or Alastor, and cause as much damage as possible, Devil Trigger as much as possible only when that ball is open for attack. Being absorbed is not smart because it can be difficult, but it will cause Nightmare to lose 1 quarter of his life when you come back out.


  • ABSORB - Nightmare will absorb you in his goo, and you will have to fight a mini-boss, Phantom. He is much easier to fight because he is not real in the game. You will also have to fight some Sargasso.
  • CREATURES - Nightmare sends out little creatures that will just run toward you. Just move away from them to avoid them.
  • BLUE BEAM - His ball comes back out glowing, and it shoots a large blue beam that can cause huge damage. Try to get behind him, and to keep moving to make sure the blue beam does not hit you.
  • "'SKEWER'" -A single blade will shoot out of Nightmare's body to impale you. It goes off three times, and there is a delay between the first and second times. It does moderate damage, so just keep moving to dodge.

[edit] Mission 18

This piece of goo will appear once again to fight you. Pretty much the same strategy here. Just attack the ruins to lighten the room so that he cannot absorb you, and he will reveal his ball to attack. In this second battle, the mini-boss once absorbed is Griffon.


  • ABSORB - This time it is Griffon who you have to fight in the mini-battle.

[edit] Mission 20

The hardest version of all the Nightmares. He gives you pure hell. It is pretty much the same strategy to defeat him. He just can cause a hell of a lot of damage. And when he absorbs you, you will be forced to fight Nelo Angelo in the minigame.


  • ABSORB - Nelo Angelo is the miniboss in this version of Nightmare.

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