Orbs in Devil May Cry 2

A list of different Orbs and Locations through-out the series. Description of all the orbs that are found throughout Devil May Cry 2.


[edit] Blue Orbs

Blue Orb DMC 2.jpg

Once a full blue orb is formed, it will increase your max vitality gauge. They are usually found in fragments, and 4 fragments equals one full blue orb. Full blue orbs are rarely found, but a certain amount can be bought at the Statue of Time. Their prices increase each time one is bought like this:

  • 3000
  • 6000
  • 10000
  • 15000
  • 20000!!! (wowie)

[edit] Gold Orbs

Gold Orb DMC 2.jpg

These are very similar to the yellow orbs in Devil May Cry 1. They fully revitalize someone after they die in the middle of the level, with a full vitality gauge and a full devil trigger gauge. The difference between the two orbs is that the gold orbs, revitalizes you exactly at the spot where you had died, unlike in DMC1 where you would have to start at the nearest save point. They are found sparsely throughout the levels.

[edit] Green Orbs

Green Orb DMC 2.jpg

These green orbs increase your vitality gauge. They are usually gotten when you are fighting enemies and you lose health. They can also be found laying around in certain areas. The size is usually determined on the amount of damage you took. They can come in small, minimal recovery, medium, some recovery, and large, which is full recovery. If your vitality gauge is full, then they will count as red orbs.

[edit] Purple Orbs

Purple Orb DMC 2.jpg

Increase the MAX Devil Trigger gauge. They can only be bought at the Statue of Time. Their prices increase each one is bought like this:

  • 6000
  • 10000
  • 15000
  • 20000
  • 30000

[edit] Red Orbs

Red Orb DMC 2.jpg

Most common form of orbs found in the game. They are used as money to purchase items and upgrades to your weapons at the Statues of Time. Can be found after destroying an enemy, a statue, or laying around on the floor.

If you continually slash at the red orbs, they continue to give you red orbs until it stops flashing.

You get more red orbs if you kill your enemies with your melee weapons than if you was to kill your enemies with your long-range weapons.

Orb sizes give different number of orbs:

  • Small (1-5 orbs)
  • Medium (10-30)
  • Large (30)
  • Largest (100 orbs)

[edit] White Orbs

White Orb DMC 2.jpg

These white orbs, with the little eyes in them, fully revitalize your devil trigger gauge. They are used immediately and cannot be stored in your inventory. They are rarely dropped by enemies. They are always there after defeating a secret room.

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