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Phantom is a very difficult boss that will block a large portion of your attacks. Best to do is to make sure that you keep moving. While you are moving keep shooting, because you may get lucky and cause some damage. Whenever you get a chance, and Phantom opens up to you, get close to his face and start slashing away. Be quick and then get away because he will retaliate powerfully. Just keep jumping, his weak points are his abdomen and his face. It is very unlikely that you will get damage on his abdomen, because you will be deeply injured if you try. Just concentrate on his face.

There's little difference between the three encounters with Phantom and the same stratagy can be used in all encounters.


  • SLASH: - He takes his claws and slashes away at you. Just jump over them, and slash away with your sword at his exposed face.
  • FIREBALL: - Phantom shoots a large fireball out of his mouth, toward you. Jump to the left or right to avoid it.
  • FIRE RAISER: - Phantom has fire exploding vertically from the ground where you are. Just keep running in a direction so that you don't get hit. Do not try to change direction, because you will get hit.
  • REVERSE FIRE RAISER: - Similar to Fire Raiser excepte that the fire comes from Phantom's body and comes from above. Just keep running to avoid.
  • JUMP: - Phantom jumps up in the air and tries to land on Dante.

[edit] Devil May Cry 2

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Strategy: Phantom makes a return from Devil May Cry 1, as one of the popular bosses from that game. When his eyes are blue, he is a spider and he has no tail. When his eyes are red, he is a scorpion and he has a tail. Make sure to dodge all of his attacks, because they can cause a lot of damage. The most vulnerable places that Phantom has are his head and his abdomen. When you get a chance, get close to his head and slash away at it. Or if you want you can also jump on his back and slash downwards onto it. Watch out both ways though, because Phantom can attack you with his mouth or his tail in both places. When he shields, no damage will be caused. When he protects himself, so there is almost no point in attacking when you hear those loud clunks.


  • JUMP: Phantom jumps up and lands on you, causing damage. Just roll/dodge to the right or left to avoid this.
  • CLAW: He takes his claw and slashes it toward you when you are close by. Just dodge to avoid this.
  • RISING FIRE: There are pillars of fire that rise from the ground and follow you for a short time. When this happens keep running in one direction, to avoid the fire hitting you. Do not reverse directions or you will get caught.
  • FIREBALL: He shoots a fireball from his mouth toward you. Just dodge left or right to avoid this.
  • FIREBALL RAIN: Similar to RISING FIRE, the fireballs come from the sky this time, from Phantom’s tail. Just keep running in one direction, flipping or rolling, to avoid this attack.
  • SCORPION: Phantom takes his tail, and uses it to sting you like a scorpion and cause damage. Just dodge to avoid.

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