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Sanctus is the leader of the Order of the Sword in Devil May Cry 4, and lately, it is revealed that he is the main antagonist. He was technichally killed by Dante in Mission 1, but was revived in the HQ of the Order. His plan was using Dante has his Savior's core, and take over Fortuna. But instead he used Kyrie, leading Nero to rage and to be absorved, too. He was saved by Dante's Yamato, and with his Devil Bringer, destroyed the False Savior.

[edit] Appearances

Missions 11 and 20

[edit] Strategies


Dodge his attacks and use the Devil Bringer to catch the little flying creatures following him. When you're close enough to his shield, strike him with some air sword combos. Then keep hitting Sanctus until he falls, and use the Buster to teach him a lesson!! In the 2nd part, he will use the Savior to hit you. Dodge and wait until he gets out then repeat the action till he's finally defeated.


Same has above, but this time, he will throw the Force Edge at you like a boomerang. Dodge and repeat the actions above.

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