Soul Eater

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  • Attacks - They have two main attacks. One is that they will charge at you and knock you down, the other is that they will charge at you and bring you up into their coils and drain you of your DT.
  • Dangers - The biggest danger of the Soul Eaters is that for most of your battles with them, they shroud themselves in mist making themselves immune to all attacks.
  • Weaknesses - They're not weak to any weapons, but using the shotgun on earlier modes can kill them in one or two hits. Kalina Ann can also do it up close, if you're at a distance then you can use Spiral to shoot them as they're charging up to you. When you turn your back on them, that's when they'll turn to their solid form.
  • DMD Notes If they go into DT mode you're looking at big headaches. You will often get knocked down from behind where you can't do anything about it. Facing Soul Eaters while trying to take on Hell Vanguard is not a pleasant experience. Focusing on killing the Soul Eaters is probably the best strategy because no other enemy will blindside you as much as these ones will.
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