Style System

Devil May Cry 3 introduced something new to the game series, a style system. With four initial styles to choose from and 2 unlockable ones, each one gives Dante the ability to do something different by pressing the circle button and a combination of others. The styles are Swordmaster, Gunslinger, Trickster, Royal Guard, Quicksilver and Doppelganger. The first 4 styles have 3 levels which you can upgrade to level 2 by getting 30,000 style points and level 3 by getting a further 99,999 style points. When you upgrade a style, more moves will become available. Killing bosses will give you more style points than killing lesser enemies.


[edit] Doppelganger

This style focuses on creating a duplicate of Dante for dealing more damage. When you beat the boss Doppelganger in Mission 17 you will gain access to this style. By pressing R1 and circle you will create a clone of Dante with whatever weapon and gun he was holding. This clone will then follow Dante's moves exactly and in effect it doubles the amount of damage you can deal. If you change your weapon the clone will not, so you can get some pretty diverse combos going the camera will follow the original Dante. Using Doppelganger will drain your Devil Trigger when activated and when you run out the clone will vanish.

It's possible for a second person to control the clone by pressing the Start button on the second controller. Combine this with Super Dante and you effectively have a two player mode.

[edit] Gunslinger

This style focuses on increasing the power of Dante's guns allowing him to put some hurt on enemies from a distance.

[edit] Quicksilver

This style focuses on slowing down time allowing Dante to effectively move quicker than usual. By defeating Geryon in Mission 12 you will gain access to this style. It's almost identical to the Bangle of Time from the original game. When you press R1 and circle to activate it, all the enemies will slow down while Dante moves at normal speed. This will allow you to get a lot more hits in or evade enemy attacks more easily. The big difference between this style and the Bangle of Time is that this style works on every enemy, the Bangle of Time wouldn't work on boss characters.

So if you're finding a boss tough to beat, try slowing them down with this style.

[edit] Royal Guard

This style focuses on the ability to block and counter attack as well as regain some health. By pressing the circle button just as you are about to take damage then you will cancel out the damage as well as getting quite a few style points and if it was a lesser enemy attacking you then you will throw them off balance. By blocking attacks you will build up the release attack. Pressing R1, circle and the direction you are facing then you will release that charged up energy if you connect with an enemy. If you do the release attack just as you are about to be hit (like the block that was mentioned) then you will do far more damage to the enemy. Below is a list of the abilities at each level of the style.

[edit] Level 1

  • Block - Pressing circle will cause Dante to block and if done at the right moment, will block all damage
  • Release - Pressing R1, circle and the direction of the enemy will do the release attack.

[edit] Level 2

  • Air Block - The ability to block in the air is obtained.
  • Air Release - The ability to release in the air is obtained

You can charge up more energy for the release attack, allowing more damage to be dealt

[edit] Level 3

  • Ultimate - Pressing R1, circle and back will cause Dante to create a ring of circles in front of him, any weak attacks will cause Dante to regain a small portion of health

You can charge up more energy for the release attack, allowing more damage to be dealt.

[edit] Swordmaster

This style focuses entirely on making Dante's Devil Arms more powerful by giving them a wider range of moves. Click on "more details" for a weapon to see the moves available in Swordmaster for that weapon.

[edit] Trickster

This style is based entirely on evasion and dodging out the way of attacks and enemies in order to strike from a different angle. A good choice for beginners as it allows you to avoid being hit more easily. As you progress the style you get to dodge in more situations and further which comes in very handy for large bosses. Below is a list of the abilities at each level of the style.

[edit] Level 1

  • Dash - Pressing circle will allow you to dash rapidly to one side.
  • Wall Hike - Pressing circle and pushing the left thumbstick towards a wall will allow you to run up it.
  • Wall Run - Pressing circle and pushing the left thumbstick along the wall will allow you to run along it.

[edit] Level 2

  • Sky Star - Pressing circle in the air will propel you forward a short distance.
  • Double Dash - You can now dash twice in a row.

[edit] Level 3

  • Triple Dash - You can now dash three times in a row.
  • Air Trick - Pressing R1, circle and pushing the left thumbstick towards an enemy will cause you to teleport forward and reappear above their head.

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