The Dark Knight Sparda

Sparda is the father of Dante and Vergil, he is also the one who defeated Mundus two thousand years ago.


[edit] Background

Sparda once used to work under Mundus and was involved in invading the Earth however during the invasion he had a change of heart and took the human's side. First he defeated Mundus's army and then Mundus himself. Sparda and his army were sent back to the demon realm, Sparda had to use his own blood so he could close the gateway leading the demon realm to the human world. Doing so cut off his connections with the demon realm as well, ridding him of his demonic powers however he could still access them by using the amulet but only for a brief time. Although what Sparda did over the next two thousand year has not been confirmed it is true that Sparda ruled over the humans for a small amount of time. According to the Order Of The Sword, Sparda sacrificed his powers only to seal off the full functions of the Temen-ni-gru, he used Yamato to seal the true hell gate. Sparda showed himself again in the twentieth century where he fell in love with Dante and Vergil's mother, Eva. He lived with Eva and the twins for a short period off time before disappearing again.

[edit] Power

It is not yet known as to how powerful Sparda really is but it is certain that he is one of the most powerful demons said to be even stronger than Dante and Vergil. Although In Devil May Cry 1, the Gryphon states that Dante is at least on par, if not greater than Sparda.

[edit] Weapons

Yamato was Sparda's primary weapon, the Force Edge was his signature weapon as he sealed his powers inside it.

[edit] References

In Devil May Cry 1 Sparda's name is used many times throughout the entire game, finally when Dante battles with Mundus he awakens the true powers of his father, Sparda's sword.

In Devil May Cry 2 it is said that Sparda once fought Argosax and Bolverk.

In Devil May Cry 3 Arkham opens the gate to the Netherworld in order to obtain Sparda's sword, Force Edge. Arkham is able to gain Sparda's powers but only momentarily however he is not able to cope with and soon transforms into a hideous giant blob.

In Devil May Cry 4 Sparda is worshiped by a group called the order of the sword. the protagonist, Nero, is also blood related to Sparda.

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