The Fallen

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  • Attacks - The Fallen have more attacks than most enemies. While they still have their shields up they will often fly next to you and slash you in one of two ways. From a distance they will seemingly pause in mid air before lunging directly at you. When you manage to knock out their shield they will sometimes stop in mid air and throw their lance directly at you. Once the lance hits the ground, an explosion will occur which will damage you if you're nearby, they will then pull another lance out afterwards.
  • Dangers - They are often awkward to hit and before you can even cause any damage you must knock out their shields which takes some doing as you're rarely able to combo them.
  • Weaknesses - Beowolf seems to do well against these guys, mainly because in terms of single hits, Beowolf is more powerful and since single hits is usually the best you can do, Beowolf is often helpful against The Fallen.
  • DMD Mode When they DT they are a nightmare. Taking on 2 at once without using a Vital Star or Super Dante is very impressive. They don't get any more moves, they just get faster and have a ton more health, which means it takes you longer to kill them and gives them more chance to hit you.

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