Trish as she appears in Devil May Cry 4

[edit] Devil May Cry

A mysterious young woman who takes Dante to Mallet Island to help defeat Mundus. She resembles the looks of Dante's Mother, Eva, which helps in the cause of getting Dante to go to Mallet Island. She joins Dante in his quest to defeat Mundus. But nobody knows what is really going on with this girl. She is a creation of Mundus the Demon ruler. She has been sent to take Dante to Mundus. She has already defeated Vergil Dante's twin brother and Vergil is now under Mundus's control.

[edit] Devil May Cry 2

Despite not playing a role in this game, she still appears as a hidden character, below is a list of moves available when using Trish:

  • ROUND TRIP – Hold triangle for a while and then release, while targeting an enemy. The Sparda sword will turn into a scythe, and spin toward the enemy doing damage to anything in its path.
  • PLACE SWORD ON THE GROUND– Hold L2 and triangle, and then release triangle. Trish will place her sword on the ground and is able to do bare-handed combos
  • PICK SWORD BACK UP – Press L2 once over your sword to pick your sword back up. If you leave the area, the sword automatically is placed back on Trish’s back. Bare-Handed Combos: Same as Dante's from Devil May Cry 1
  • MAGMA DRIVE – Press triangle and pull the left analog stick backwards. Trish will powerfully punch the enemy into the air.
  1. KICK13 – Press triangle and press the left analog stick forwards. Trish rushes to the enemy, with a powerful kick.
  • AERIAL KICK – While midair press triangle. Trish will kick the enemy from above.
  • BARE-HANDED COMBOS – Press triangle three times to do a combo with a Trish. Special Moves
  • DIVINE BEAMS – While in Devil Trigger and midair, press square to send yellow beams throughout the enemies body.
  • VORTEX – While in midair, and in devil trigger mode, simultaneously press square and triangle. Similar to Dante’s Devil May Cry 1 move, Trish is able to quickly spin around, like a vortex, and dash through the air killing enemies.

[edit] Devil May Cry 4

Trish appears in a few occasions throughout cut-scenes as both Trish and Gloria. She disguises herself as Gloria so she can spy on the Order of the Sword while still working for Dante. She quickly rises through the ranking of the Order by bring Sanctus the legendary blade Sparda in order to gain their trust.

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