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Difficulty: Hard

Strategy: The hardest boss in the game. The Red face does fire attacks, blue face does ice attacks, and the purple face does lightning attacks. Just keep dodging all of his attacks, while shooting at the three faces, and any other object that prevents your motility. Save all of your devil trigger. Once Trismagia becomes one face, go into Devil Trigger form, and unleash all your power on to that one face. If you don't have any Devil Trigger saved up, fire away with the rocket launcher. Keep repeating this until you finally finish him off. He is the most difficult boss in the game.


Red Face

  • FIRE BREATH: He gets close, and breathes fire onto you. Just dodge the fire to prevent this.
  • FIREBALL RAIN: Similar to Phantom's move, from a distance the red face, sends fireballs into the air to rain down upon you. Just keep dodging and moving around to prevent yourself from being hit. Keep moving until you are sure that he has stopped.

Blue Face

  • ICE BREATH: Similar to Fire Breath, except that the blue face blows frost onto you. Just move around to dodge it.
  • GLACIER ROCKS: He sends 5 glacier rocks and plants them on to the ground. They prevent your motility and target lock-on. When this happens, immediately blow away all of the ice rocks, to allow you to continue the battle.

Purple Face

  • LIGHTNING: He just summons lightning to strike down in your position. Just dodge left or right to avoid these attacks
  • LIGHTNING BALL: A lightning ball above you sends sparks down onto the field. Due to my experiment if you stand still, they don't seem to hit you. This is from personal experiences.


  • When they are one complete face, they have one attack where they will send a large ball of energy down towards you that causes a great amount of damage. Just dodge left or right to avoid this.

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