Vergil from Devil May Cry III

Vergil is Dante's twin brother and his enemy. Like Dante, Vergil carries a sword and can also activate Devil Trigger. But instead guns, he summons swords at the opponent, which works similarly to guns. Unlike Dante, he is more serious. Until the end of Devil May Cry 3, Vergil refused to use guns, as he thought they were a dishonorable way of fighting.


[edit] Devil May Cry 3

Vergil is central to the storyline of this game. He craves for power and seems evil because he was too weak to protect his mother from an army of demons and is out to get Dante. While not in Nelo Angelo form in this game he is undoubtedly evil. While Dante favours the colour red, Vergil is dressed mainly in blue, with a long blue trench-coat similar to Dante's. This is because Sparda wore a purple coat and red and blue makes purple. His hair is also slicked back giving the impression that he's a very distinct figure in this game. With Arkham at his side Vergil has a plan of action and intends to carry it through, but for what purpose...?

[edit] Guide

[edit] First Encounter

  • Seen - Mission 7
  • Attacks
    • Vergil has a much better version of Dante's Air Trick, he can use it to teleport to anywhere no matter how far it is, and it doesn't need to be next to Dante either.
    • He also has a much better block than Dante's Royal Guard does. When Vergil lifts his arm it will block any attack, even when his arm is falling down again, it blocks for about 2 seconds and Dante will recoil if you attack him at any point during this.
    • When you start firing your guns, Veril will spin his sword around rapidly and deflect the bullets.
    • He has several sword attacks. There's a double vertical slash (one up and one down) and a couple of quick slashes before horizontal one. A separate attack is a wide ranging slash when he dashes forwards.
    • Vergil can make purple orbs appear that "detonate" about a second after appearing where Dante is.
  • DMD only - Vergil can make blue swords (yes, the same ones as in the original game) appear. They will circle around him for a while before reappearing either above Vergil and spearing towards you or they will appear around you and converge on you after a few seconds.
  • Strategies - Getting to know how Vergil will react to your attacks is important. When you start to combo him, eventually he will throw up his arm and block before counter attacking. Usually he will quickly attack with his sword, so after he blocks your attack quickly jump out of the way. First time round you don't have Beowulf which will be the best weapon to use on him, especially Killer Bee as it allows you to close down distances quickly after dodging an attack in the air. Guns are virtually useless because he can block them. On DMD mode his extra attack only really prevents you from attacking him without taking damage for a few seconds. The actual attacks (3 variations) of the swords are actually pretty easy to dodge once you've seen them in action a couple of times.
  • Dangers - Being the main enemy of the game, unsurprisingly he has no real weaknesses to any weapons. Some of Vergil's attacks happen very quickly and can catch you out, especially because there aren't any signals as to which sword attack he's going to do. His attack pattern changes when you get his health down low enough.

[edit] Second Encounter

  • Seen - Mission 13
  • Attacks
    • Because Vergil now has Beowolf for this battle he has several new attacks. Often he'll disappear and then reappear somewhere else before flying at you with his version of Killer Bee.
    • Up close he has two combos with Beowolf. The first is 2 punches similar to your own, then he will do 2 spinning kicks. The other combo starts with the same 2 punches, but then he goes up into the air with some rising spinning kicks before doing his Killer Bee
    • Vergil now has Devil Trigger. In this mode he will do more damage, take less damage and have health recovery, very similar to your own DT.
    • When you damage Vergil to about 1/3 health he will punch Beowolf in the center and start using Yamato as well, meaning he'll use all his attacks from the first battle
Vergil is equipped with Beowulf for the second encounter
  • DMD only - Vergil can make blue swords appear. They will circle around him for a while before reappearing either above Vergil and spearing towards you or they will appear around you and converge on you after a few seconds.

  • Strategies - Damage limitation is important through this battle. It will take 3-4 strong hits to knock him out of his Devil Trigger, hits like Stinger or Killer Bee otherwise he will stay in DT for quite some time, all the while recovering health. On the second time through you will have Beowolf yourself, so you should make use of it because although it's slow, it's powerful and is very handy for taking Vergil out of DT. First time round make use of Stinger to hit Vergil after he finishes his attacks because he's usually vulnerable for a split second. When he starts using Yamato again you'll need to watch out for all of those attacks and there's no way to tell which weapon he will counter with after he blocks. Using Quicksilver when Vergil goes into Devil Trigger will help you knock him out of it faster before he can regain too much health. Again, most of the attacks will have some sort of signal, the distance between Vergil and Dante usually determines what attack he will do.
  • Dangers - This battle can be surprisingly tough. His Devil Trigger will give you big problems on DMD mode. Often he will summon the blue swords in Devil Trigger meaning you can't really damage him without taking damage yourself, which you need to avoid really. He will regain a lot of health in DT mode if you're not able to take him out of it quickly enough and he can even regain all of the health you managed to take away from him after the last time he went into Devil Trigger.

[edit] Third Encounter

  • Seen - Mission 20
  • Attacks
    • Vergil has all his attacks from the first battle.
    • Vergil will stand back in his stance and then throw Force Edge at you and it will circle around you hitting you several times before returning to Vergil
    • He also has the Stinger attack
    • One of the Yamato combos has been modified here, he'll do two quick slashes, then hit you up into the air before disappearing and coming down on you with a Helm Hammer and follow up with a Stinger
    • Vergil has a Helm Breaker combo where he'll do 4-5 Helm Breakers in a row, each from a lower height than the last. He may repeat this 2 or 3 times. Sometimes when doing this he will throw in a few sword slashes, knock you into the air, Helm Breaker and Stinger like the separate combo
    • When Vergil encases himself in a purple sphere and says "This is the end" he will go into Devil Trigger and do the Helm Breaker Combo, but can't be knocked out of Devil Trigger until he finishes the combo.
    • When Vergil goes into Devil Trigger and a stance like he's about to throw Force Edge but then disappears, a lot of purple orbs will appear on the screen, usually chasing Dante.
Vergil's appearance in the final encounter
  • DMD only' - Vergil can make blue swords appear. They will circle around him for a while before reappearing either above Vergil and spearing towards you or they will appear around you and converge on you after a few seconds.
  • Strategies - After some of Vergil's more powerful moves, he is open to attack for at least 4-5 seconds. You have more than enough time to do Real Impact if you're using Swordmaster, so do that if you get a chance. Beowulf again is a good choice for this battle. When Vergil is getting ready to throw Force Edge at you, if you jump up and do Killer Bee then you'll knock the sword back to Vergil. Again a lot of his attacks have signals so learn to watch out for them. When he does his repeated Helm Breaker there's no need to panic, just keep running and don't double back on yourself and he won't hit you. If he changes and does the combo, Helm Breaker, Stinger move then you'll need to jump the stinger. If you happen to get into a weapon clash with Vergil you will recover faster than him, so seize the moment. If you find yourself caught in a combo, Devil Trigger to lower the amount of damage you take from it.
  • Dangers - Some of Vergil's attacks are quite a lot harder to dodge this time. When he throws Force Edge is one example, when he makes all the purple orbs appear is another example. A big danger here is if you get caught in the start of his slash, slash, slash, Helm Breaker, Stinger combo because even on normal that will knock away a fair bit of your health and on DMD mode you can wave goodbye to most of your health. Again, like battle 2, he will regain health in Devil Trigger and when doing the purple orb attack (the major one) he is regaining health all the time and you can't actually attack him. On DMD mode his blue swords prevent you from attacking him without taking damage while they circle him. This is only for a few seconds, but when he's in Devil Trigger and does this you can really find the battle being stretched out to over 20 minutes.
  • Rewards - In Mission 14 you get a Beowulf. A beowulf is a pair of light gauntlets and greave which it was left by Vergil on Second Battle and unconsious in The Abyss

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