Weapons of Devil May Cry 2

Dante and Lucia can acquire various weapons as you fight your way through the missions of Devil May Cry 2. Trish, meanwhile, has all her arsenal with her when she begins the game, since she is a hidden character.


[edit] Dante's Weapons

Dante uses swords for close combats and an assortment of firearms as range weapons.

[edit] Firearms

Ebony & Ivory

Ebony and Ivory
Dante's trademark handguns. He starts out with these weapons at the beginning of the game.
Advantages: Very accurate and powerful. Allow Dante to do Twosome Time.
Disadvantages: N/A
Location: Dante begins the game with them.


Submachine Guns
Very fast pair of automatic machineguns.
Advantages: Extremely fast fire rate. Automatic weapon (hold down the button and they keep firing).
Disadvantages: Do very little damage.
Location: Mission 11, in the large room with the platforms. Fly or jump up to the very top room to find them.


Your standard shotgun.
Advantages: Very powerful shots that scatter to hit a wider range of enemies.
Disadvantages: Slow fire rate. Short range.
Location: End of Mission 4. Automatically picked up after fighting Jokatgulm, when Dante hops on the motorcycle.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher
Most powerful weapon in the game. Sends out a heat-seeking missile that will most likely blow your enemy to bits.
Advantages: Extremely powerful weapon. Heat-seeking missiles that home in on the enemy.
Disadvantages: Extremely slow to reload. Can only be fired while standing still.
Location: Mission 9, in a box inside the plane used to break the fan to escape.

[edit] Melee weapons


Dante's starting sword.
Advantages: Medium range. Medium attack power. Very good when powered up.
Disadvantages: Medium range. Medium attack power.
Location: Dante starts the game with it.


Short but wide and heavy sword.
Advantages: Very powerful attacks.
Disadvantages: Short range. Slow.
Location: Mission 7. In the room where the lava is flowing on the floor, jump down and go into the door in the middle of the lava. The Vendetta is located on the bed next to the skeleton.


Long, thin sword.
Advantages: Very long range.
Disadvantages: Not very powerful.
Location: Mission 11. Found in the room with the spike trap along the wall.

Force Edge
Sword that belonged to the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda.
Advantages: Same as Rebellion.
Disadvantages: Same as Rebellion.
Location: Get it at the start of the game with the Devil May Cry 1 costume when Dante Must Die mode is beaten.

[edit] Lucia's Weapons

Lucia uses swords for close combats and an assortment of throwing knives, as well as bombs, as range weapons.

[edit] Range weapons

Throwing Daggers

Throwing Daggers
Small throwing knives that Lucia starts out with.
Advantages: Medium attack power.
Disadvantages: Medium attack power. Medium rate of fire. Location: Start the game off with these.


Small throwing darts thrown in multiple directions at a time.
Advantages: Can be thrown in multiple directions. Very fast rate of fire.
Disadvantages: Extremely weak.
Location: Mission 2, after getting the Aerial Heart. They are in a statue on a platform.


Lucia's underwater weapon.
Advantages: Can be used underwater.
Disadvantages: Slow rate of fire. Weak. Only available weapon underwater.
Location: Given to you in Mission 6 before you enter the water.

Cranky Bombs

Cranky Bombs
Small explosives.
Advantages: Powerful.
Disadvantages: Hard to aim.
Location: Mission 5, in the same box inside the plane where Dante finds the Rocket Launcher.

[edit] Melee weapons


Sword for Lucia with a wide range

Location: Level 3, the big door to the right of the double one with lion. You'll find it in this room next to the subway

[edit] Trish's Weapons

Since Trish is a skin on top of Dante's model, she too uses swords for close combats and firearms as range weapons.

[edit] Firearms

Karazali A.N.A.L The starter gun. Advantages: Intense power and pierces through enemies. Disadvantages: Hurts the user.

[edit] Melee weapons

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