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[edit] Appearances

[edit] Guide

  • Seen - Mission 17 and Mission 18
  • Attacks
    • The first isn't really an attack, but Doppelganger has an outer form that can only be broken by luring him to the edge of the arena and smashing an orb on the wall to project light onto him. His outer form will shatter and then you can actually do damage to him.
    • Doppelganger will charge at you and do either a single slash or a 3 hit combo.
    • If you remain in the light for too long, he will jump back and throw a ball of "dark" towards the broken orb to destroy the light.
  • Strategies - Doppelganger is very weak to Beowulf, don't even think about using another weapon on him. On later battles, if you use the Doppelganger ability with Beowolf selected you will really be able to put a hurting on this boss. If you smash all 6 orbs around the arena, it will fill with light and Doppelganger will be vulnerable for a considerable length of time, on easier difficulties you can easily take away half his life bar. The ball of "dark" he throws at the orbs can be knocked back towards him and do quite a bit of damage.
  • Dangers - There isn't much dangerous about this boss on easier difficulties, just watch his attacks and learn how to dodge. If you hit the ball of "dark" he throws back at him, he will hit it back at you on harder difficulties, several times on DMD mode. He is much faster and the orbs close themselves automatically much faster on DMD mode, making this boss very difficult, Beowolf is essential here.
  • Rewards - If you have defeat him in the battle you get a Doppelganger Style which you can create another shadow. By pressing START on second controller you can play both.

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