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[edit] Appearances

[edit] Guide

Seen - Mission 4 and Mission 18

  • Attacks
    • Gigapede has purple orbs which he will shoot in your direction, about 7 or 8 pairs.
    • Gigapede also has blue orbs which he will shoot in your direction, but overhead with a lightning bolt that connects it to the floor which will damage you if it hits you.
    • Not really an attack, but if you hit its head enough it will speed up its flight massively to escape.
    • Yeah this is not a attack though but sometimes if you are on the gigapede it wil spin and roll like a crazy snake begging for mercy!
  • Strategies - Gigapede is weak to Agni & Rudra as well as Cerebrus. If you jump on its back and attack its head you will do more damage than if you attack the rest of its body. The purple orbs it shoots at you can be knocked back towards Gigapede and if they connect it will cause quite a lot of damage.

And also if you target them you can easily spot them and where they are going, sure in level 4 they are very tricky And it's blue orb is powerfuller than it's purple orb though

  • Dangers - The only real danger here is if you don't see the orbs coming. That is Gigapede's only attack so other than worrying about hitting it, there's nothing else dangerous. Exept if you are under it, and the lighting is storming! DANGER ZONE WARNING: under it's belly is the danger zone
  • Rewards - Nothing. You get 500 Red Orbs

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