Nelo Angelo

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[edit] Appearances

[edit] Guide

[edit] Missions 4 and 11

This is Dante's twin brother Vergil that Mundus took under control. He is very similar to Dante in his techniques, as he fights with a sword as well. I suggest sticking with Ifrit as it dishes out more power, but Alastor can be used as well to deal damage. But you have to keep moving to prevent him from hitting you, and then slashing and beating away. There's very little difference between the first two encounters with Nelo Angelo.


  • TELEPORT - Nelo Angelo can teleport around the environments.
  • COMBOS - Basically Dante's slash combos. Just have to stay away when Nelo Angelo starts to swing his sword around.
  • ENERGY BALLS - Forms an energy balls from his hand and sends it at Dante.

[edit] Mission 17

This Nelo Angelo is a lot harder than the other two. He has two new moves here, and is just a harder fighter. But apply the same strategies, and include the new moves. After beating him you get the amulet to unlock Sparda.


  • SWORD ARMOUR - Nelo Angelo summons swords to surround him to form a protective armour. Just have Dante use his grenade gun to blow away the armour.
  • SWORD RAIN - Nelo Angelo summons swords again to go above Dante, and fall on him. Just dodge to avoid these.

[edit] Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

  • Costumes - Vergil can used Nelo Angelo's costume by unlocking Very Hard mode and Hard Mode. The Movesets are also diffrent, ForceEdge also Disappeared.

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