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[edit] Appearances

[edit] Guide

Seen - Mission 9 and Mission 18

  • Attacks
    • This isn't really an attack, but you need to destroy all the bats surrounding Nevan before you can damage her.
    • When Nevan says "How's this?" she'll shoot a series of balls of bats at you, about 6 or 7 volleys or more depending on the difficulty.
    • When Nevan does a backflip she will send a wave of spikes towards you.
    • Often after that she'll charge up to you and spin around after saying "Get ready", causing damage to you. Sometimes she'll do this as a separate attack
    • When she says "Now you will become tired" 2 or 3 lightning bolts will come down from the sky and strike your current position if you don't move.
    • When she says "Don't you like me?" she'll shoot a much larger ball of bats at you.
    • When you destroy her bat shield she'll go prone on the floor for a while. Then her eyes will glow and she'll envelope herself in shadow, which will damage you if you get caught by it.
    • When you damage Nevan enough her attack pattern will change. She'll sometimes teleport to the other end of the room.
    • When Nevan's in a corner of the room she'll either electrify the floor (signalled by her waving her hand in the air) or she'll shoot a series of horizontal and vertical laser beams at you.
    • When you damage her down to less than about 1/4 health she'll shoot all her bats at you then go to the center of the room and drop her shield entirely. She'll come up to you and if she catches you she'll start to kiss Dante, draining his health and filling her own.
  • Strategies - Nevan is weak to Cerebrus and since the only time you can attack her is when her shield is down, you'll need to get in close to combo, but when you do, use Cerebrus. If you get caught in Nevan's kiss then Devil Trigger and it will break the hold instantly. Almost all of Nevan's attacks are signalled by an audio cue, usually her saying something, so learn to recognise those cues and you'll know what's coming next and how to dodge. Don't get up close when Nevan's moving around or you may get hit with the bats, at a longer range they're easier to dodge.
  • Dangers - If you get caught in Nevan's kiss with no Devil Trigger then you'll make the battle a lot, lot longer. Because of the audio cues, you can usually dodge all the attacks with little problem, so besides the fact the battle may take a while, there's no major danger.
  • Rewards - Nevan. You will get Nevan which it was a guitar controlling bat. You can summon those bats when playing the guitar.

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