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  • Attacks - They have a few. The most frequent one they use is where they slash at you with their fangs/claws. They rear back slightly before doing so, so when you see that, jump out the way. When they jump up onto a wall or bring their backsides to their front, they're about to shoot a web at you, so be sure to dodge out the way. If they catch you in it then hit buttons like mad or DT to break out of it. They'll leap off the wall (if they were there) and slam into you if you don't break out. Last attack is a charge forward, usually it's done right after they block one of your attacks, again be sure to jump out the way.
  • Dangers - The biggest danger here is that they're never alone, you always have to contend with two or three at once and that is a big pain with them dashing around all over the place. Also, there is a bigger version of the Arachne that can do everything the smaller ones can, just they are more powerful and take more hits to defeat.
  • Weaknesses - They are weak to Agni & Rudra, so make good use of that and your ability to DT to cause some serious pain. Other than that, they've got no real weaknesses. They're incredibly quick and you need to be equally quick to avoid being hit. Jumping around a lot will help you evade their ground based attacks.
  • DMD Notes The biggest problem you will encounter is if the bigger version of Arachne Devil Trigger. When they appear, focus all your attacks (with Agni & Rudra) on them to kill them. Arachne are troublesome when they DT and you won't be able to avoid that, but do your best to avoid bigger ones going into DT because they are just as fast and even more deadly than the smaller variety.
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