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  • Seen - Mission 3 and Mission 18
  • Attacks
    • Once you remove the ice covering Cerebrus' body parts, after a while he will regenerate it and it will act as a shield again.
    • Cerebrus has 3 heads that each have different attacks, depending on the colour of the eyes and when that head is in the center position. Red eyes in the center means Cerebrus will coat the floor in ice, damaging you if you're standing on it. Blue eyes in the center means Cerebrus will shoot an ice ball at you and Green eyes in the center means Cerebrus will rain ice crystals down on you from above.
    • When you're near Cerebrus he will sometimes ram you with his heads.
    • When you're near Cerebrus he will sometimes swipe at you twice with one paw and then twice with the other paw.
    • When Cerebrus pulls itself back it will often leap forward to attack you
    • When you damage Cerebrus down to about half health he will say "You are not human, are you??" and go up on his back legs before slamming down and creating a massive ice explosion all around him.
  • Strategies - Cerebrus is weak to Agni & Rudra, when you get them. If you focus on taking out the head that does the attack you find most difficult to avoid, you can save yourself some major hassle. If you hit one of Cerebrus' legs enough he will fall down and all 3 heads will be close to each other. With Agni & Rudra you can cause a lot of damage before Cerebrus gets back up if you de-iced his heads beforehand. Even Rebellion's attacks will usually hit at least 2 heads. When Cerebrus charges at you, he will be dragged back, but often very slowly allowing you to get some free hits in.
  • Dangers - The first time you meet Cerebrus you will probably die. He's the boss of Mission 3 but at that point, your Dante will probably be extremely weak. Go back and redo the first 2 missions to get red orbs to upgrade your Dante. The ball of ice Cerebrus can shoot at you can do a lot of damage on harder difficulties as well.
  • Rewards - After you defeat the Guardian Of Ice. You will get Cerberus whic is a three-head nunchakus.

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