Damned Knight

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[edit] Appearances

These Demon Objects are the equivalent of the Knight in the real life chess, these Demons can only be found in the chess board field. The good thing about them that you don't have to killthem constantly throughout the game. Two or four of them is enough.

[edit] Guide

Attacks - They have three attacks. When you're next to them they will bring their head back and throw it forward to hit you with their horn. At a distance they will jump up and try and squash you underneath them. Their third attack is repeated jumps, more likely to be done on harder modes.

Dangers - Their repeated jump can be tricky to avoid in a tight area. On the chessboard there's room to manoeuvre but otherwise these guys can be thorns in your side.

Weaknesses - They don't have any real weaknesses. Using Rebellion's Sword Pierce is a good way to do constant damage, otherwise using your guns at a distance will help you.

DMD Notes They will do their repeated jump attack more often and will move faster, but that's about it.

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